50% of public garbage is comprised of disposable cups and containers.

Do you own a reusable mug or tumbler, but have forgotten to bring it with you?

Do you ever feel like your small actions don’t make a difference?


CUPPY is a convenient cup-sharing program designed for your busy life, offering an accessible way to be
green on the go.

The process is simple: enjoy your favourite drinks in a cuppy to-go and return the cup to participating stores when you are done. Every cuppy used is one less single-use cup thrown away and one important step towards waste prevention in our city.

Your favourite drinks on the go, without the waste

Our cup-share program offers unlimited usage, with only a $14.95 annual fee.

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Cuppys come in three different sizes: 8 oz, 16 oz, and 24 oz to accommodate all your favourite drinks. Hot, cold, or anything in between. Take your coffee, smoothie, or even bubble tea with you, anywhere you go.

Your personal* cuppy lid is one size-fits-all. Our patent-pending lid is designed to fit all cuppy sizes as well as common-size disposable cups available in most coffee shops.

* Personal lids available for purchase. Share lids are included with each cuppy.

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Each lid comes with a bendable straw made from high quality, food-safe silicone. Our straws are convenient, easy to clean, and safe for reuse. There are two sizes to choose from: 5mm (diameter) straws for regular drinks like tea, coffee, water, or juice; and 12mm straws for specialized drinks like bubble tea or smoothies.

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Cuppys were designed with you in mind, supporting all your to-go needs.  The innovative design is both functional and versatile, letting you be green on go.


Any drink. Anywhere.

Help reduce single-use waste without going out of your way.

One cuppy at a time.

Single use consumption has become such a normal part of our lives that we’ve lost sight of the immense amount of waste we’re constantly creating. It’s everywhere - contaminating our oceans, forests, and cities.

But being green is not always easy - it can be expensive, inaccessible, and time consuming. At CUPPY, we are looking to bridge the gap between convenience and sustainability. We want to lower the barriers to pursuing a greener lifestyle.

Every step we take counts, no matter how small.

Live green, conveniently.





     It’s that simple.

Stop throwing, start sharing.

Participate in CUPPY’s share initiative now.

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