CUPPY Update #3: TAIWANfest and more!

Hi all!

In the last four months, our team has been through lots of highs and lows (as all new ventures will). Through it all, we’ve been focused on our commitment to reducing single use waste and all of our decisions have been made with that goal in mind.

We’re excited to share that our first batch of cups and lids are almost done production and should arrive before the end of the month. These are the cuppys we’ll be using during our pilot period as we work towards proving and improving our model (more on that later).

Now the most exciting news: CUPPY will be partnering with TAIWANfest 2019 as one of their green initiatives to reduce the event’s footprint. If you haven’t heard about TAIWANfest, check them out at https://taiwanfest.ca/vancouver


From August 31st to September 2nd, we will have two booths at the festival where attendees can pay a deposit to use cuppys throughout the day. We’re excited to be present to raise awareness, get contact information and sign up members!

THAT'S RIGHT - CUPPY is gearing up and will be ready to sign up members to participate in our pilot. We will be revealing our partner locations closer to TAIWANfest so stay tuned! Our whole team is super excited to get CUPPY out there for our members to use.

We’re so grateful for your patience and support. Please come visit us at TAIWANfest next month!

With big things to come,
The CUPPY team