Did you know?

2.6 million polycoat paper cups are thrown in the trash in Vancouver every week.

In recent summers, most of the West Coast was on fire. Abner, the founder of CUPPY, was saddened by the forest fires that were becoming a regular occurrence. What was supposed to be the nicest time of year in Vancouver is now shrouded in smog, and the air quality was severely affected.

Everyone of the CUPPY team have always been strong proponents of taking steps towards sustainable living. Realizing that global warming is the one of the contributing factors to these fires, we decided it was time to stop being complacent. CUPPY is an idea born to reduce single-use waste, one of the worst offenders of waste pollution. Less waste means less resources and greenhouse emissions to deal with disposing of our garbage. Less waste means less ends up in our oceans.

Our Mission

working together to reduce single use waste from our daily lives through use of creativity, innovation, and community

Our Vision

implementing a shared economy into the community to collectively reduce our carbon footprint



Abner Tsai



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